Treat Your Selfie!

Last week we posted an adorable photograph of a very special infant applying her recently developed hand strength to take a selfie while out to lunch with Mom and Dad!
Here it is again incase you want to break your cuteness meter for the day.

We discussed it and agreed the only thing that could make this more perfect would be if the lady in the background had noticed this epic feat of fledgling dexterity and looked on in awe…

The truth is that in the age of smart phones, with cameras and photo sharing applications; the selfie has become so common place that we barely notice it at all. It might seem strange to most people currently over the age of 18 but soon photographing our child’s first selfie might be as important a milestone for our family photo archives as the first time they use a knife and fork!

While it’s true that the content of selfies can still cause viral interest on Twitter and Instagram the act of taking one – something that would surely be considered an almost unforgivable example of vanity 20 years ago – is hardly noticed at all.

This selfie contains a who’s who of who was in Hollywood’s ‘it crowd’ at the time. A potentially alienating fact that Ellen DeGeneres seems all to conscious of when she wishes Bradley Cooper’s arm was longer! We’ve grown used to the idea of selfies but we can’t escape the fact that they depict what’s important to us and conveniently miss out what isn’t…

And the best thing those not included in the selfie can do is take a picture of the selfie…

It seems a selfie tells a thousand words! The truth is we’ve all become our own personal photographer and archiver of our lives… Other people can join in if they like but the center piece is always us! Bradley Cooper’s arm only extends as far as Bradley Cooper after all…

We even go out of our way now to create selfie opportunities that put us in positions we never would have been in otherwise. Perhaps if he brought someone with him to take the picture then he’d be able to hold on with both hands. But then it wouldn’t be a selfie – He’d have to share that special experience with someone else and that would make it less special wouldn’t it?

It makes me think of that famous photo in National Geographic of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay approaching the peak of Everest. Sure… Hillary is known to be the first man to reach that lofty summit but in actual fact it seems his photographer got their first! Who this mystery photographer is requires more research but the implications are clear: In the age of the selfie we can truly be the hero in our own story. We can have a supporting cast if we want but it’s not necessary to satisfy the special snowflake in each of us.

It’s the overall ease of the selfie that disturbs it’s critics. Many people complain that it takes emphases away from the event itself and elevates the selfie taker to the main event. While this is adorable when expertly pulled of by a baby; it can seem jarring when adult egos get involved…

While this can be amusing (as long as no one got hurt) we can’t help but recognize a possible failure to make the best use of his time here. That said – the selfie seems here to stay and I’m sure future photo albums will be full of them (if the aren’t already). We’d even be happy to print an album full of your favorites at the Berry Flash lab.

There is, after all, an undeniable art to them and when you really look it seems that they might have been around longer than we think!

The Selfies – ‘We Love them, yeah, yeah, yeah!’
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