Color Film Processing

Since there's no turning back when film is processed incorrectly, it’s worth going out of your way to deal with an established photo lab with a proven reputation. BerryFlash's in-house professional photo lab utilizes the very best C-41 film processing equipment currently available and our stringent quality control procedures guarantee great color, consistency, contrast and density.

Our technicians have years of experience and they’re dedicated to producing the highest professional grade film processing possible. Process control is critical to any professional film developing service and BerryFlash uses one of the most precise C-41 process control systems found anywhere. Each roll of film that passes through our processors is carefully evaluated in order to ensure consistent professional grade quality.

High quality film processing is essential to the final photographic product and BerryFlash has established a reputation throughout Southern California for consistent quality and fast turnaround times. We can also convert your film to digital files stored on CD or DVD. If you are looking for professional photo prints, film processing, or custom photo gifts, then you have found the right website!

Visit our professional photo prints page for more information on our printing services. We can print your negatives in nearly any size on a wide variety of mediums.

Color Film Processing

Color Film Processing Only

C-41 35mm - $9.99

C-41 120 - $14.99

Color Film Processing & Scanning - Low Resolution .JPEG

(Approximately 4MB. Prints 8x12 and up. Price includes digital file transfer.)

C-41 35mm - $19.99

C-41 120 - $24.99

Color Film Processing & Scanning - High Resolution .Tiff

(Approximately 18MB. Prints 30x40 and up. Price includes digital file transfer.)

C-41 35mm - $24.99

C-41 120 - $29.99

Our lobby is now open. Our hours currently are Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 4:00pm. For film development, you can drop film off at our lab 24 hours a day. Job jackets are provided at our office door, please leave your name, phone number, an email address and any special instructions. Place the job jacket through the slot in our front door, it will drop into a red basket. We will send you an invoice for payment via Square, which must be received before we email the digital files to you. Prices can be found on our website . Until further notice we are not offering same day fill service but next day service if we receive the film before 2 pm. Passport photos will be shot from 10 am to 330 pm Monday thru Friday
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